Teen Wolf “Raving” Review

To catch a shifter . . .

Okay Teen Wolf fans, was that a great episode or what?!? I’ve been waiting with bated breath to discuss this episode after watching it at the Teen Wolf panel at Comic-Con last week. To quote Martin Lawrence from both Bad Boys movies, "$hit just got real."

This week’s episode of Teen Wolf was all about the pursuit of Jackson the kanima and his master. In one corner, we had the Argents. A family that once had a code, they were determined to kill Jackson – despite the fact it appears that he only sheds the blood of other killers. Isn’t that essentially what the Argents do (or are supposed to do under the code)? And does that make the kanima the Dexter of Teen Wolf? Spinoff anyone?

In the other corner, we had team Scott/Derek. This team seemed to have conflicting agendas as I’m sure Derek was as determined to kill Jackson as Scott was to save him. Both teams came up short this week and will probably continue to do so until all members are on the same page.

Although we didn’t get any insight into Lydia this week, we got some really good screen time with other aspects of the show I love. Let’s review:


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