Covert Affairs “Sound and Vision” Review – Marriage Isn’t Easy

In tonight’s episode of Covert Affairs, called "Sound and Vision," Auggie and Annie take part in a time-honored tradition that has appeared on nearly every show that features male and female agents working in some sort of law enforcement agency – they pretend to be married for a case. Granted they didn’t take it to the lengths that Tony and Ziva did on NCIS (who can forget that opening scene where those two pretended to get hot and heavy under the sheets? *fans self*), but it did take things to a very interesting place for both of them.

Auggie wants to nail the assignment because he really wants to do a good job for Joan, plus it gives him a chance to get an idea of what marriage might feel like. Turns out he’s got plans to pop the question to Parker. Annie wants to do well too, but she also spends a lot of time worrying about and protecting Auggie. One could assume that Jai’s recent death would be the only reason she feels protective but the look on her face when he announced his intentions with Parker seemed to suggest that her feelings may be deeper than that. I’m thinking we’re going to see more backlash from this episode in the rest of the season. Read More... 


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