The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: The Ramona Wars

Last night, all but two of the Real Housewives of New York City decided to reenact the movie Heathers. But it was more croquet than suicide across the pond, where last we left these would-be mean girls. If you remember, last week, Carole versus Luann was simmering — and this week’s episode began with Sonja’s face in a bidet full of ice.

Soon after, the gals were playing croquet, and Carole, if only by virtue of her sarcasm, was in the Winona Ryder role. She didn’t like that Luann had woken her up and worn a cape like hers, so she spent the next few scenes proving — hard — how hell-bent Luann is on one-upping her. Sure enough, Luann stuck to her script and Penelope’d herself through a montage or two. Heather did gymnastics once? Well, Luann did it twice — and so on, and so forth. But, the Countess’s lack of restraint and her outstanding insecurity around her royal title compared to Carole’s notwithstanding, aren’t all of the Housewives jealous of Carole? And for good reason. Carole is not only the thinnest Housewife on any of the series, she is not only a Princess with Kennedy connections and an active, non-monogamous social life and actual style, but she has a career nobody can snicker at, and a late husband she actually loved and met at work, as a peer. If you were a striver, you’d hate her, too, or you’d at least compete with Carole constantly, even if you didn’t realize you were trying. Read More...


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