'Big Brother 14': The newbies are over the coaches twist

SPOILER ALERT: Live feed talk, so don't keep reading if you don't want to be spoiled. The "Big Brother 14" live feeds finally got interesting Tuesday (July 17), so sign up for the live feeds and start following along if you haven't yet. But anyway, HOH Willie called a house meeting for the newbies wherein he informed them that the Coaches could potentially come into the game, and that they are pushing their own agendas, so it's time for the newbies to stop caring about their coaches and play their own games. He called them sheep and got everybody to agree to stop making deals through their coaches. It's unclear exactly what the repercussions of said meeting will be, but it has already occurred to some people that if they are no longer caring about coaches, there is no reason to target Dan's players and therefore Kara might be the one to keep this week....



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