'Supernatural' Season 8 scoop: Why do the Winchesters lie to each other?

The heart of "Supernatural" is the dysfunctional bond between Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles). The brothers have actually died for each other -- and have endured hell, both literal and figurative, in order to avoid leaving each other alone. And yet, year after year, they have kept earth-shattering secrets from each other. So why all the lying?Starting in the first season, Sam began the cycle by not telling Dean that he'd had psychic visions of his girlfriend's death before it happened. Then it took half a season for Dean to finally tell Sam that his father had suggested that Dean might have to kill Sam. Sam kept his demon blood-drinking addiction and dangerous powers a secret from Dean for months, and when Dean decided to kill a childhood monster-buddy of Sam's, he wasn't exactly forthcoming.In Season 8, the dishonesty will continue when Dean returns to Sam after a year in Purgatory. At...



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