The L.A. Complex Review: Image is Everything

Three words: Watch. This. Show. 

"Vacancy" is an appropriate title for the season two premiere of The L.A. Complex, considering that no matter how each character tries for success, they somehow come up empty either emotionally, monetarily or physically. 

The episode starts with an establishing montage of some of where our favorite characters have left off. Nick and Abby happily enjoy one another in the bedroom while Connor walks out of his newly burnt house in a state of disbelief and numbness. Raquel is also not willing to believe what she sees in front of her: a multitude of positive pregnancy tests yielding the exact opposite result that she desires. 

While the whole "Oops, I'm pregnant" plus "Who's the daddy" storylines can be overplayed, I buy Raquel's anguish over her pregnancy, especially because she manages to sabotage every relationship she's been in just by being who she is. Read More...


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