Grimm Season 2: Meet the Mauvais Dentes

Entertainment Weekly has unveiled the first Wesen of Grimm's upcoming second season in the Mauvais Dentes (below). Translated literally as "bad teeth", the creature is said to be cat-like and capable of destroying an entire city, partially due to its ability to lure unsuspecting people in before striking.

From the picture provided, it will fit right in with the overall aesthetic vibe of Grimm, but I'm curious about its human identity. We've had a blutbad clockmaker, a pied piper musician, and a soccer mom spinnetod, among many others, and having the latest creature have such a predatory personality could be a clue as to their role in Portland. Perhaps it has an occupation that attracts that type of personality (lawyer, car salesman) or it could be someone with a weaker human personality that uses their Wesen ability to overcompensate for their lack of authority. Read More...


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