'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'The Remains Of The A'

Things picked up pretty much where they'd left off on last night's "Pretty Little Liars": Spencer and Hanna were in the hospital figuring out what to do with the April Rose clue tucked into Mrs. Reynold's hospital bracelet. They decided to leave a replacement note to trick A into showing up for a meeting at the church where Hanna was volunteering. But things—as expected—don't go off without a hitch. Mrs. Reynolds went into cardiac arrest, and Hanna had to high-tail it out of the room before she got caught.

Aria was following the hospital hi-jinks via text while lounging at Chez Ezra. She claimed nervousness over her first day of work as a photo assistant as an excuse for her distracted, anxious demeanor. Ezra tried reassuring her of her skills, vamping for an impromptu photoshoot (his "Thinker" was a particularly strong pose.) I have to admit, this bit of levity was one of the most fun moments "PLL" has had in a while, and I loved it. Moments later, Ezra hopped in the shower and Aria finished getting dressed so she could leave. Except, she couldn't find her socks, so she rummaged around Ezra's drawers looking for a pair, when she stumbled upon a very large bag of money. That doesn't jibe so well with Ezra's joke about eating his last package of ramen noodles...



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