'Virgin Diaries' premiere: Skippy, a 34-year-old who collects belly button lint and lives with his 'wing-mom'


"The Virgin Diaries" returned to TLC Wednesday night (July 18) with three new virginity stories. The best one was Skippy (pictured above with his mom, whom he lives with). He's a 34-year-old virgin who collects belly button lint (for 15 years now) and wants his special lady to be good friends with his mom. There was also Karissa, who is a cute 29-year-old girl who just hasn't found anyone she wants to have sex with yet. Her mom was apparently a huge slut (her words) and Karissa expects a high five when she finally gives up her "V-card." And then there's Lindsey, who is a 33-year-old virgin saving herself for marriage, and her boyfriend Jon, who is not a virgin. She exercises a lot to deal with the sexual frustration while she waits for Jon to marry her. But he's never even said "I love you."The show also checked back in with Ryan and Shanna,...



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