Necessary Roughness Review: Stay or Go

"What's Eating You"  had many of the players on Necessary Roughness wondering if they should stay or go. 

We'll start with Jeanette.  It was great to have Dani's best friend back. Since she left for Europe with her gorgeous boyfriend in season one, I've missed her. Dani has needed a female friend to bounce things off of and Jeanette fills that role nicely. 

Having two failed marriages behind her, I wasn't surprised that Jeanette was balking at taking the big step again. But now that she's pregnant, I'd think that might put a different spin on things.  Perhaps the third times the charm.

Speaking of a love match, was Matt moving a little fast? It feels like he and Dani just started dating and he's looking to move in. I don't thing Dani's ready for that and her kids definitely aren't.  Read More...


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