Big Brother 14 Week 1 Eviction Night/HOH Competition - Karma is in the House!

Readers, let me reintroduce you to the latest veteran Big Brother player to come back into the game. Her name is Karma, and the bitch is nothing to play with.

During tonight's eviction show, Willie overplayed his hand and worked everyone's nerves not once, but twice in getting the House Guests riled up due to his own paranoia. As much as I don't care for Frank as a player (mainly because he's Mike Boogie's golden boy), you have to give it to the man for turning Willie's mistakes into a weapon to remain in the house. That was just sheer, unadulterated genius at play there. Plus, Kara didn't even register until it was time to give her "last plea" speech before eviction. With all those factors at play, whether or not if you watched the live feeds, tonight's ending was nowhere near a shocker. Well, it was a shocker in the sense that after 14 years of Big Brother, people still don't know how to think with their heads and not with their feelings. Read More...


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