Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Four years ago, after watching The Dark Knight and having my mind suitably blown, I said repeatedly that I'd be absolutely content if they never made another Batman movie again. So perfectly did the filmmakers hit the nail on the head with what precisely a big screen Batman opus could accomplish that there was simply no way to ever top it. So why bother trying? Sure, there were some dangling plot threads unresolved, with our hero on the run from the police after taking the blame for several crimes he didn't commit, but that was okay. He'd get out of it somehow. He is Batman, after all. We just didn't need to see it. Ever.

After watching director Christopher Nolan's much-anticipated trilogy-capper, and even after appreciating a great many things about it, I still stand by that earlier sentiment. The Dark Knight Rises is resonant emotional, and sometimes beautiful, but it's also overlong, overstuffed and oftentimes frustrating. It manages to pack in enough moments of true cinematic mastery to make it worthy of watching and appreciating, even as it takes a series of baffling and unnecessary storytelling detours that only weaken the overall experience and make this trilogy land just short of the greatness it could have had. Read More..


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