Lost Girl Review: Love Lost, but Lust Found

Love. Ever since Dyson's deal with the Norn and Nadia's reawakening, Bo has been lost in the relationship department. In "Midnight Lamp," she began to move on, while Dyson finally confronted the Norn.

Even more urgent than their love lives is the coming threat from the Garuda. The introduction of this storyline has raised the show to a new level; there is a real threat to the Fae from the Garuda. This has provided a unifying force pulling together a team to fight them.

While unaligned, Bo decided to help The Ash find a Djinn, Sadie (Lauren Holly), who could help them in their battle against the Garuda. That assignment was a bit odd, but it provided for Ryan, who turned out to be a Loki, to return. He is charming, sexy, and just what Bo needed. Read More...



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