Burn Notice “Split Decision” Review – Michael, The Chess Master

In tonight’s episode of Burn Notice, called "Split Decision," Michael does his best to be everywhere at once and you know what? He damn near pulls it off.

First up, he’s still trying to free Fi and Card comes back with a plan that can (sort of) make that happen. Card needs Fi’s help to capture an arms dealer and then he’ll pull strings to get her turned into a CIA asset. That won’t let her off, but if Michael can manage to secure her get-out-of-jail-free card (aka Anson) then she can be let loose.

But before Michael can help Fi and Card with their plan, he’s put to work helping Rebecca get a man off her brother’s tail. This sends him undercover with the creep who’s going after Trent, and gives him the chance to do one of those wacky characters he does so well. It also gives Jesse and Nate a chance to work together, which I found hilarious. Those two personalities fit together well. Read More...



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