Suits (USA) “Break Point” – Heartbreak From Every Direction

Tonight’s episode of Suits, called "Break Point," is very aptly titled because it darn near broke me. From last week’s episode we knew that the you-know-what was going to hit the fan with Donna, but I don’t think anything prepared me for the immense heartbreak that came from so many directions.

Not knowing what’s happening with Donna, Harvey is off working on a case, trying to get a young tennis player emancipated from his father. Now here came the first stab to the chest for me. Harvey wants to help the kid get away from his dad, but Mike wants to help the two resolve their issues. We all know that Mike lost his parents at a young age, so it’s not surprising when he talks about doing anything to have a chance to be with his dad again. But what about Harvey? Why did he refuse to talk about his dad and what was that whole thing with the "not now, my dad" line when he was listening to his jazz music when Jessica walked in? Was his dad a musician? Is that why he has all those old records? My mind is reeling. Read More... 


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