Saving Hope “Consenting Adults” Review

One of things that effective television shows do is put the time in to set up character behaviors.Breaking Bad gives us all the machinations behind Walter White’s continued descent as a human. Mad Men shows us the long-term affect of character actions. Justified shows us that Raylan Givens’ high wire act is something that complicates the lives of all those around him. These shows (and shows like them) take our characters to strange and interesting places, but show us the road map for how we got there. In this week’s episode, Saving Hope gave us a lot of characters making decisions or behaving in ways that don’t make a ton of sense based on the six hours we have seen before or sometimes even the thirty minutes we have seen before.

Among these strange shifts in character was the situation surrounding the treatment of Dr. Joel Goran’s patient. I would never accuse Dr. Goran of being a big sweetheart, but this episode was the first time we have watched him be unnecessarily mean in his attitude towards a patient. I feel like the show wants us to believe that Goran is a shallow, arrogant jerk, but his behaviors haven’t matched that belief. What was more maddening was the fact that Goran completely changes his tune about the patient without having another significant interaction with the patient or anyone else. It’s like he left the screen, thought about it, and decided, "You know what? I like that guy." Saving Hope tried to set up a classic TV trope with the opposites coming to understand each other, but we never got the scene where that mutual acceptance would have occurred. Oh well, at least the Goran-centric B story kept Maggie Lin out of the mix for the week. Read More... 


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