Common Law (USA) “Odd Couples” Review – More Fighting Leads to More Revelations

In tonight’s episode of Common Law called, appropriately enough, "Odd Couples," Travis and Wes are recruited to help out the FBI after a bank robber escapes. While working on the case, the boys end up on a stakeout watching the apartment of a woman writing about said convict.

As you can imagine, the guys ending up under the same roof goes over about as well as a lead balloon. Fighting about everything from who should clean the dishes to the temperature in the apartment, the guys once again come off sounding more like a couple than the people they share their therapy sessions with. Wes complains that Travis doesn’t help out enough around the "house," and meanwhile Travis is upset that Wes isn’t supporting him enough. If that doesn’t sound like a marriage then I don’t know what does. Read More... 


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