Breaking Bad “Madrigal” Review

When Gus Fring died at the end of season 4, much of the tension for the previous two seasons was wiped away. In many ways, the slate has been wiped clean. As a result, some viewers may be perplexed by the unusually slow nature of the first few episodes. I will comfort you by saying we are only beginning. The pacing is exactly where it needs to be at this point in the season. The madness will start flying soon enough. There is no need to get impatient.

While the start has been slow, there has been plenty of brilliant work being done. For starters, Jonathan Banks now has his Emmy submission episode. Breaking Bad is the most visually outstanding show on television, and everything that Banks does as Mike Ehrmantraut only enhances the show’s reputation. Nobody does a better job of looking annoyed than he does. This week, he was incredibly annoyed by Walt, Lydia, Chow, the other one of his guys he had to kill, his devastating loss in Hungry Hungry Hippos, Hank, Gomez, and the fact that he is stuck with Walter and Jessie. It’s the last thing on the list that sticks in his side the hardest. He doesn’t want anything to do with Walt or Jessie, but Hank’s discovery of Gus’s offshore bank accounts, and Lydia’s refusal to "disappear" from her daughter’s life forces Mike to reevaluate his situation. He’s stuck with Walt and Jessie. He’s tired and annoyed by the proceedings, but he can’t escape them. When he calls Walt to tell him that he’s in, you can feel the disgust from his end of the phone. However, I’m not sure what makes him more angry: The fact that he’s still involved in the business, or that Walter White got we wanted yet again. Read More...


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