Falling Skies “Molon Labe” Review

Tonight’s episode of Falling Skies, "Molon Labe" picked up right where last week’s episode left off with Ben and Karen running through the forest to meet up with Ben’s Skitter rebellion. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until Karen happily reconnected with her "master" and her harness that Ben was able to clearly see where her allegiance was. Thankfully, the 2nd Mass had been on Ben’s trail and they were there just in time to prevent him from being enslaved once again.

This skirmish landed the 2nd Mass an unexpected prisoner of war – the Overloard Fish-head that had previously held Tom on his space ship. Holding such a high ranking enemy in their camp, kept them safe from a destructive airstrike, but it put the 2nd Mass at risk for a new kind of attack that they had not planned for. Read More...



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