Political Animals “Second Time Around” Review – Will Elaine Regret Decisions of The Past?

In the second episode of Political Animals, called "Second Time Around," we see the results of the important decisions that Elaine made last week. Not only to send Bud on his rescue mission, but also to run for President. Though no one knows about the bigger of those two decisions at the beginning of the episode, both of them are weighing on her heavily. After all, if Bud doesn’t come through and innocent people die, Elaine could lose her "America’s Sweetheart" label. That of course could affect her run at presidency. It’s a tricky predicament and one that she weathers well.

Being out of town last weekend, I didn’t get a chance to give my two-cents on the pilot episode so here it is now. I’m not really into the drama of following real-life politics (I choose to vote quietly, based on my own research into candidates and issues) but I was very intrigued by this show. I adored The West Wing when it was on the air and I wondered if Political Animals could perhaps fill some of the void left when that show went off the air. Read More..



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