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I finally finished watching this week's episode. I missed it in live streaming earlier so I had to wait for a website to upload it. Luckily, two hours after, I'm here ready to hit the review street.

As a whole, it rates okay to me. I won't rate it as fabulous because it wasn't, but I also would not say it was bad. Why? Let's discuss.


Change happens and we ought to make the most out of it.

That's where the plot revolves this week. As always, the voice over has some sort of monologue to compare how life can be related to surgery etc. We see the much anticipated double date of dear old Meredith and Cristina with Derek and Owen. It's great, it's a funny banter between the two ladies who certainly are not romantic people, and their significant others who want a change in their romantic lives. It was so funny to have Cristina and Meredith try to get their way out of the date. Oh wait, it wasn't a date. It was their transit to the date that never happened. Ugh! Predictable. Cristina squeals in delight as their pagers go off for an emergency and they turn back to the hospital. My oh my these people should really get a life outside the hospital.

I loved Meredith and Derek's storyline this week. With Meredith as an independent, dark, yet strong individual, it was fun to see her squirm by the fact that she's the Chief's wife, albeit not legally. All the quirks, the responsibilities, the interruptions in her daily life were there for her to deal with. Not to mention her husband's PA who calls her Mrs. Shepherd and goes through her stuff just to bring her to brunch meeting the following day. Thanks to the lady, her husband and Emil, whose story was also heartbreaking, Meredith changed her mind. In the end, she chose to be there for her POST-IT husband. It's a sweet gesture of commitment and love. Festive for the season.

The same goes for Owen and Cristina. Even though they didn't make it to their date, it turned out to be sweeter for both of them at the end of the day when finally Teddy surrendered and chose to unring the bell and gain her friend back. How? Starting by admitting Cristina under service again, oooh! Valve replacement! Yay! Sure, it's gonna be hard but Teddy's longing for a friend, after all she's been through its understandable. Their conversation in the scrub room reached into my myocardium. =)

Arizona playing cupid and chatting all surgery through was delightful. It was comic how she tried to hint Dr. Warren into asking Bailey again. Her character keeps on getting better and better each week. I loved the matching necklaces too. =) And her reaction post-get-Bailey-to-date was amazing. She looked like a 6th grader who completed her assignment successfully.

Now as for Bailey, it was the CUTEST episode ever! Soooo long overdue! She was absolutely charming and teenage-like as she deals with her crush on Dr. Warren, also known as the Gas Man. I love how she admits she becomes stupid when he talks to her. Now I'm even more excited for the date proper!

The dishwasher who had his arm severed was the second most heart wrenching story. It was great that Lexie found strength through and he pulled through with Lexie. They shared something in the name of change--making Lexie realize that the blonde hair was there to stay and she's ready to make the most out of what comes her way.

The best actors for this episode would have to go to my favorite people--Mark and Callie, accordingly. In contrast, the bitch award goes to Mark's daughter, Sloane. When Sloane shows up to ask for an ultrasound and a medical certificate, Callie probes in as to why she needed such. After finding out that Sloane intends to put out her baby for adoption, she draws the line with being a doctor and being Mark's best friend. I loved how Callie was concerned with Mark's well-being. She was in his apartment to fix the crib, and was there to defend Mark's rights to his daughter. It was very adorable when she offered to help Mark out with raising Sloane's kid as he pleads to let him adopt his grandchild. Too bad the selfish daughter left town. When Mark came home finding Callie trying to do something with the crib, my heart sank. I love the friendship between these two. I love how Callie is always there for Mark and Mark for Callie. He needed her and she was there to lay down the news as gently as she can. Mark crying was so disheartening.


Krista Vernoff led us to believe that we were going to get Callie-Arizona adorableness this episode. We had a few seconds of cuteness but not much of the couple cuteness. It's Valentine's for crying out loud! They're a couple, they should have got more screen time together i.e. ep 612. Showing Bailey their exchange presents doesn't count for the sweet on screen time due them!

On Arizona alone, could I just ask why she was standing too close to the operating table? If that were allowed inside our OR, I would be so freaking happy because then I would have been able to see the patient's lamina without being sterile!

On Callie and Mark, I hate why that possible adoption didn't push through. It would have been great for both of them! Mark is so ready to take on that responsibility and Callie was right by his side. I want more MALLIE!!! No offense to Calzona fans. That would also work good for Calzona as it will create drama in their lives. Ain't that more interesting?

On Lexie and Karev, eeeww! I can totally see Lexie hooking up with the hot, talented, and as it turned out, very sweet Avery. That would be something to look forward to each week: a blonde Lexie and a hunk Avery.

I love Grey's Anatomy and even though I was a bit disappointed with the episode, I am still grateful. Because now, I can go back into doing something else that is not related to Grey's Anatomy. I can be fully functional again.

So yeah, change, even if seemingly bad, can actually be good.


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Feb 17, 2010 10:43AM EST

DOes anyone agree with me that Arizona is just standing toooo close to the table???? I am so jealous of her position. tsk tsk . I wasnt able to observe a laminectomy last week. i wanted to see up close but the anesthesiologist said the table would be unsterile. and i just wanted to seee and keep my distance too

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