'Breaking Bad' episode 502 - 'Madrigal': Lydia, the nervous lady

As far as Walt is concerned, the dust has pretty well settled from Gus Fring's death, so it's time to get back to business. But in an episode that spends of "Breaking Bad" that spends as little time with its lead character as this one does, it's clear that the world outside Walt's ego might not make that so simple.In particular, the new person we meet tonight could end up causing Walt a lot of trouble without even really knowing she's doing it. Lydia (Laura Fraser), the Madrigal Electromotive functionary who causes headaches for Mike throughout the episode, may have abetted Gus' criminal activities, but she's definitely not of that world and really, really nervous about the blowback from Gus' death landing on her. So much so that she's made an 11-person kill list of everyone who might tie her to the Superlab and asks Mike to take care of them all.Her skittishness produces one...



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