'Big Brother 14': Willie Hantz has an epic meltdown, is removed from the game

Sunday night's "Big Brother 14" picks up when Kara goes home and Frank then wins HOH. Willie is not happy, so the fuse is lit. Meanwhile, Frank and Boogie do a faux-Chilltown thing in the DR. That needs to stop. Neither of you are Dr. Will, so stop pretending.Dan is coaching Danielle to work to get close to Janelle's team because they're going to need her vote, so she's got a decent plan to be a floater who offers her allegiance to the highest bidder. Might work. Willie's Meltdown BeginsBritney gives Willie a talking-to about being egotistical, while she talks to him in a totally condescending manner and chastising him for thinking about himself. Um, that's not the right argument. It's a single-player game, which Willie rightly points out. It's not about your "team" or your "coach." Now, he did play his HOH week wrong. Way wrong. But his job is not to win Britney...



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