Falling Skies Review: A Ben in the Road

It's been a common theme throughout Falling Skies Season 2 that the TNT drama has upped the action ante considerably from last summer.

But - holy alien attack, blowtorch construction and gun play! - this was never more the case than on "Molon Labe," an episode that brought the Second Mass into contact with its would-be conquerors more than ever before.

My pulse is still racing.



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Jul 28, 2012 6:58PM EDT

Can we say spin off show with Ben finding other harness kids and with their super human-hybrid alien power and the skids fighting together can we say African child soldiers wow now that is interesting idea and trying to ring something so horrific to the fore front. all secondary characters are fair game and will die soon ... The main are Tom and his kids, the doc, Pope and captain weaver are the main stars of this puppy so just like in the A team they will never die...

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