True Blood Recap: Don’t Have a Cow in the Biblical Sense

Hi, guys. How are you? Recovered from watching that lady slowly remove Lafayette's lip stitches with a dull knife soaked in crazy grandpa blood? Me neither!

Well, this episode was certainly action-packed. I'll say that much for it. And it was definitely a bit of a peek behind the curtain in terms of the writers letting us know that they have little to zero idea what they're doing. When Holly was telling Arlene, "You know, why not an Ifrit? Why not?" she was really speaking to you and me, and I think we're coming to terms with it. On the one hand, the True Blood universe's lawlessness feels zany and surprising, because when literally anything can happen, it tends to. On the other, it's not fun to play Monopoly with a bunch of 4-year-olds, because they have no sense of order or strategy and would rather swallow hotels and make the dog hump the hat. Read More...


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