Warehouse 13: Rubinek & McClintock Talk About Tonight's Season Premiere

Warehouse 13 destroyed. Beloved allies lost. The stakes and intensity of this new season have unquestionably risen. About a week ago, still recovering from San Diego's world famous Comic-Con, Saul Rubinek and Eddie McClintock kindly spoke with press about their show's new "double length" (twenty episode) season and tonight's dark season premiere.

My first question was whether the bulk of the season will reflect the new darker tone or if it's just an aspect of the first few episodes? Eddie answered by quoting his talented & lovely co-star Joanne Kelly (a.k.a. Agent Myka Bering), "As Joanne said at Comic-Con, and I thought it was well put, "we’re still painting with all the colors that we were painting with before, but we’ve added a darker color." So it’s not necessarily that the show has taken a shift tonally, but there are these great consequences. The fact that H.G. Wells is dead. The fact that Jinks is gone. The Warehouse is gone. Mrs. Frederick is gone. We have to deal with that. And to come back from that and be jokey and ridiculous, it just wouldn’t make sense. It'd be disrespectful to the show." Adding, "Even so, Pete will still naturally use his comedy to protect himself from the fact that he is devastated by the loss of his friends." Read More...



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