Hell's Kitchen : The Final 8 Leave A Bit To Be Desired

Tonight on Hell’s Kitchen we watch as the remaining eight contestants battle it out to try to win a spot as the head chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas.  At this point in the competition, you would think that, while they may not all be head chef material, the remaining contestants are at least competent cooks and semi-professional if they are to be actual contenders for such a high profile position, however, you would be wrong this season to make such assumptions.

I can’t watch Hell’s Kitchen week and after week and not finally ask the one question that is my head after every episode:  What the heck is Robyn still doing there?  The only thing I have truly seen her create this season with any success is drama.  She continues to offer up lack luster ideas and causes problems no matter which team she is on.  The final straw for me came last week after the blind taste test challenge when she literally got zero correct.  Really? Zero? Read More...



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