'Bachelor Pad' Season 3 premiere: The super fan twist fails spectacularly. Thanks David.

"Bachelor Pad" is back, y'all. It's like the trashy "Big Brother," which is saying something, you know? We're pumped. Also, it's great how the previews are edited to make it look as though someone gets murdered with a knife. If only.Also, the super fan twist is great, especially if these people are actual fans and not just pretty people cast on the show. And the contestants need to check their snottiness at the door, because you wouldn't HAVE a "Bachelor Pad" to go be trashy on if it weren't for super fans, so let's not pretend like your stuff don't stink, ya know?Introductions HighlightsReid is apparently still mad at Ed for swooping in and taking Jillian Harris? Um, wasn't that like a thousand years ago in reality show time? Blakeley says she's remembered as the "girl that not everyone liked." Um, no, sweetie. That was Courtney. Also, Blakeley's "All I do is wax p****." made...



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