'Bachelor Pad' Recap: Nudity in Week One

At one point during the Season 3 premiere episode of ABC's "Bachelor Pad," I wondered if we should all be tested for STDs just for watching this ridiculous filthy train wreck of a show. It was manipulation on steroids. It was back stabbing at its finest. I'm quite certain that parts of it were crawling with germs. It's the "Bachelor Pad," season three. Hop into your favorite Hazmat suit and join me as I break down the most memorable contestants, wont you?

The Stag
I will root for this guy until he finds true love. He is absolutely adorable in every way. All the girls love him and all the dudes are friends with him. As the reigning champ from last season, I'm unsure why he has returned to subject himself to such a wide plethora of communicable diseases, but I'm biting my tongue and looking forward to him and Lindzi, the horse-riding reject from Ben's season, to keep things relatively normal.

In an interesting twist to season three of "Bachelor Pad," Mike Fleiss has decided to add "Bachelor franchise fans" to join our "veterans" in the mansion. Twin sisters -- who look no more than 16-years-old but claim to be a very legal 22 -- actually confess that they've been watching the show FOREVER and are smitten with Our Host Chris Harrison. One can only assume that the babysitter let them stay up to watch the debauchery while the parents were celebrating date night back in the day, but that's neither here nor there. The important thing to note on national television is that one twin is labeled virtuous while the other is not. That doesn't keep them both from "pulling a Courtney" and going skinny dipping after winning the date challenge with fellow fan boy named David. Naturally, the franchise contestants hate the fans and have vowed to eliminate the Wonder Twins and their self proclaimed twinergy out the door next week when they don't have immunity. Read More...



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