The Closer Review: Continuing To Deliver

It amazes me that after six full seasons, The Closer can still be revealing secrets about its characters. "Drug Fiend" shows just how much life there is left for them. For some, including Detective Gabriel, that will bring a sadness, but for others we can continue their journey through Major Crimes.

This week we discovered David (I’m sorry, David who?) Gabriel has been having a relationship for the past year; very quietly, at that. Knowing he has been having this private back story, and the way in which he defended Brenda to Ann eased some of my fears that he might be the mole in the department. There are other reasons for a character not to move on with Major Crimes, and given his relationship with Brenda, I’m going out on a limb right now to say that her absence from the division will be what keeps him from sticking around. That and Ann, of course. I enjoyed her, and related with her worries about his family, and everyone else in his life, not liking her. Gabriel likes strong women and he found one in Ann. Read More...


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