Alphas Review: Lock Ins and Break Outs

When we last left Alphas, there was a definite sense of change, and all of it was for the better.

"Walk Up Call" tempers the expectations I’ve placed on Alphas for almost a year now, but, while the shape of this season is largely coming back together in ways we saw last season, now there’s the added benefit of having clarity and definition. Last season was all about Red Flag, and going about the same objectives in differing ways.

Now, Stanton Parrish and his merry brotherhood of mutants are out to reshape the world, and to exert their superiority over the government. However, the true struggle now is placed directly into the laps of our Alphas. How can their team continue to work for a government that has consistently shown that their goals are not always in line with their own? Yet, how can their team idly sit by and let Parrish wreak havoc on the innocent people caught in the middle? Mix all of those variables with the world now knowing who they are and what they are capable of, and things can get murky fast. Read More...


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