'Teen Mom' - 'Fresh Start': Is Tyler dumping Catelynn? Who else is saying goodbye?


Not a whole lot happened on "Teen Mom," so this recap will be shorter than Bentley's visits to day care preschool. Bam! So yes, Maci's preparing her son for the rigors of academia by dropping him off at day care preschool for a couple hours a week. Bentley's paternal grandmother, "Mimi," does not approve or understand why Maci wouldn't keep Bentley "when she's at home." She seems to have forgotten that Maci is in college and might actually do homework once in a while. Then again, Mimi's probably never seen her son do homework, so she might be unfamiliar with the concept. Bentley is well aware of Ryan's freeloading; when Maci said he was going to "daddy's house," he corrected her with a giggle: "It's Mimi's house!" Catelynn's not a freeloader, but Tyler is peeved that she has been " lollygagging around" instead of registering for school. Maybe she's not ready for the "automatic seriousness"...



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