'Love in the Wild' Season 2 finale: Ken Barrington and Yanina Beccaria or Ben Clark and Michelle Sacco, who won?


The "Love in the Wild" Season 2 finale is here. We're down to Ken and Yanina and Ben and Michelle. Ben and Michelle seem perfectly fine, but we're really rooting for Ken and Yanina to win. The Final AdventureIt's an overnight challenge that kicks off with one of them having to choose to give directions and one choosing to follow. The men both choose give and the women choose follow. Hmph. Ben and Ken are carted off in a truck and are then guiding their partner from a remote location. The girls have to be guided to three stations to collect bicycle parts, then guided to where the men are. Ben is not exactly the best direction-giver and they get frustrated with each other, with the profanity flowing like mad. Meanwhile, Yanina is doing very well, largely due to Ken's good directions. But she's also kind of a warrior, charging through a rice field like...



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