Jane by Design 1.17 "The Sleepover" Review

One of the main criticisms that I've had about Jane by Design is that it can veer into becoming cliche through the overuse of false danger and cliche 80s movie-esque sequences. The show is very lighthearted and arguably the "feel good-iest" feel good drama on the air right now, so you don't expect the type of tension, edge, and pathos that you'd find in, say, a more adult drama on premium cable. However, to see the same tropes trotted out over and over can get a bit frustrating, especially when the show has proven that it doesn't have to rely on stuff like that in order to be compelling. It has all the elements to make the leap in quality that it's been edging toward during the back-half of the season, but time and time again, it falls back on old habits. Read More...



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