Pretty Little Liars Sneak Peeks: Emily and Spencer Search for Answers

A few newbies came to Rosewood in this week's episode of Pretty Little Liars, including an old friend of Alison's named CeCe who is "very intense".  Acting very much like Alison herself, she helped Emily try to drive a wedge between Nate and Jenna.  Meanwhile, Alison's father arrived in town and he holds a serious grudge against Hanna because, as we saw in a flashback, she and Mona were playing with a Ouija board and she thought she saw Alison shortly before her body was found.  After telling Mrs. DiLaurentis about that, she was confronted by Alison's father, who accused her of playing a terrible prank on his family.  And Aria turned to Mona for answers when it looked like Hanna would be framed for Alison's murder.  In the end, Mona passed on a secret message that led the girls to a mysterious website.  The only problem?  They don't know the password. Read More...


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