The L.A. Complex Review: Sign on the Dotted Line

In tonight’s episode of The L.A. Complex, "The Contract", every character had to face facts.  The road to success in Los Angeles is paved with scandal, false value systems, and judgment.  It actually is how you play the game and whether you win or lose is of the utmost importance because everyone wants to be on top and there’s not a lot of room for error.

What I love about this show is just how high stakes it is.  Everyone’s livelihood is completely dependent on making their chosen careers work for them.  That’s why "The Lux" is an important setting.  These aren’t nice apartments even though for the sake of television, that pool looks pretty great.  It’s gritty.  This show is gritty.  Nothing is easy and nothing gets handed to characters, unless it’s with a twist and unless what’s being handed to the character, they want no part of. Read More...


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