'America's Got Talent' Recap: A Jam-Packed Fourth Quarter

The lead up to the show made last week look like some sort of life or death colosseum, and I'm not complaining. I'm also delighted that this week's line-up is pretty loaded with good acts. It's good news for us tonight, and crappy news for us tomorrow night, as we have only four to move forward this week. Why do they always load the last Quarterfinal show like that? It's not fair. At least I'll see some guy get  hit in the nuts tonight, right?

The first act of the night is David "The Bullet" Smith, who will fire himself through a field goal. It looks like the firing of the cannon isn't even the most dangerous part, it's whether or not his net will catch him. Why not just fire yourself into a trampoline? Just kidding, it's a terrible idea. I'm sure NBC's net will hold. We can't have a death so early in the show. He pumps the crowd up with cheerleaders and a football that he doesn't throw. I just hope he clears the goal, right? He did, football in hand! Still yelling! I was concerned, because he almost yelled too soon. We got to see a lot of replays, and everyone will move inside to see the glory of Sharon's long, flowing white dress.



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