Necessary Roughness Keeps It Light Despite Heavy Plot

Season 2 of Necessary Roughness seems to be unfolding nicely with plenty of new plot twists happening just last episode to keep us watching through the rest of the season.

First up, could it be marriage for Dr. Dani?  Despite her hesitancy to even live together with boyfriend, Matt, he seemed to think it might be a good idea to propose to Dani.  It’s not clear how backing off one minute, as he mentions, equals a proposal, but I suppose we shall see.

The other big news of the night on Necessary Roughness was from Dani’s BFF, Jeanette, having just returned from Spain in an attempt to put some distance between her and her boyfriend who apparently wants to make things more permanent between the two of them.  Not certain she wants to live outside of the U.S. or get remarried for a third time, Jeanette continues to resist the idea of settling down until realizing there may be less choice in the matter than she thought because she discovers she is pregnant. Read More...


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