Franklin & Bash “Last Dance” Review – Corpses, Stalkers and Bears….Oh My!

In this episode of Franklin & Bash, called "Last Dance," the boys take on a case where they get to play with people’s definitions of the word "art," and Karp has to defend his uncle from a crazy stalker.

The boys are representing a woman whose husband donated his body to science but she isn’t too happy about the fact that, instead of maybe his organs being used by someone who needs them, he’s going to be "plastinated" and turned into a giant dancing statue. Seems easy enough to fight, since it’s the man’s wife who doesn’t want it done, but when another woman claims to be closer to the man and knows what he wanted – things get complicated. Finally, the guys decide on another tactic: proving that, once plasticized, the man will be a form or art and should be given to the wife with the rest of her husband’s collection, they get the happy result they need. Read More... 


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