Big Brother 7/25 Recap - Nomination Shuffle

With all of the Willie Hantz drama I didn't know what to expect going into this episode of Big Brother.  His team was definitely getting a lot of attention for supporting him, despite his brutish behavior, but would his exit take any of the heat off them?  Nah!

The Wake of Willie

If you thought things changed significantly with Willie Hantz’s eviction, ejection, or whatever you want to call it, you’re right.  Getting rid of Willie caused major shockwaves, with the weak coalition he had formed starting some major in-fighting, particularly between JoJo and Frank.  JoJo is feeling Willie’s bull’s-eye materializing on her back, and Frank is all too happy to rub it in.  For some reason JoJo thinks she shouldn’t be getting heat for standing behind Willie now that he’s gone.  JoJo may be super cute, but that kind of thinking betrays a major lack of strategic thinking capacity.  If she can’t think macroscopically in the Big Brother house, she is going to wind up somebody’s easy kill before long. Read More...


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