Dallas Review: Who Can Save John Ross?

The original Dallas started out with two brothers trying to make Daddy proud. Decades later, Dallas runs on the same underlying theme and thankfully, it's as compelling as ever in "No Good Deed."

Disloyalty is dangerous, especially when you're playing chicken with a Venezuelan oil cartel.  John Ross should have been smart enough to know not to give someone like Vicente the heads up that he planned to turn him in to the police.  Then again, he's in prison for murder and grasping at straws.  Fear can make you say stupid things.

We all knew John Ross' beat down was coming but I loved the sequence of events.  Just as Bobby explained to Vicente that he'd never be able to pump a drop of oil from Southfork and told him to get the Hell off his ranch, Cano was having his men beat the crap out of John Ross.  Read More...



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