House MD 619 Open and Shut Review

How do you make a TV show that has been running for 6 years addictive again?

Use a controversial topic or something sex related as a theme.

Works everytime!

This week, the team comes across a woman who gets abdominal pain while making out with her boyfriend. Doesn't warrant House's expertise does it? But then again, her lifestyle causes the team to grab the case. What it is? An open marriage. Of course they want the case! I know House would.

As much as I would like to sit down and review all the medical details of this episode, I just don't feel it to merit such because it would just be probably blah to reader. Don't get me wrong, House amuses me most of the time with its baffling cases and how it all seems that environment does play a huge role in illnesses. Case in point, the woman's problems can be traced back to a single bee sting.

What I would like to discuss however at this point is their personal lives. I loved how House suddenly became a kind person this episode. His display of chivalry for his friend Wilson was heartwarming. It's tragic for him though because his plans actually turned out to be very beneficial so I’m not sure it worked out quite well for him. However, if indeed he was sincere, then it worked for the best because Wilson is happy. On the other hand, as for his relationship with Cuddy, I am sooo crossing fingers that Cuddy's boy toy will disappear into oblivious leaving us HUDDY fans happy and satisfied =)

In other storylines, does anybody else want to hit Taub? I know I do!!! His banter with House was incredibly amusing and entertaining but his character is just a total dirtbag! I seriously do not want to insult him (as the person playing him is probably nice) but dude! Who does he think he is? The hottest man alive??? His wife deserves a lot more than just being cheated on TWICE!

Most importantly, this episode just made me want to sign the Chase-Thirteen couple petition! They are just hot together. And Chase, is just sooo yummy! I'm even wondering if he's just the reason why I follow the show. Tsk tsk. Must be my monthly hormonal imbalance.

Eitherway, I'm out. I really enjoyed this episode an I'm giving it a 9/10 =)


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