Sket Dance Episode #66 Anime Review

With some fun having been had when it comes to Saaya and her interests and the way that Bossun and Himeko have danced around things recently, as well as a little fun with Tsubaki, there’s definitely some fun relationship potential going on here. But like a lot of shows of this nature, I can’t help but to feel that it’ll remain as just that, potential, with little in the way of real progress. It’s usually counterproductive for some writers to do actual relationships since it’s easier to write the other side of things. Still, Sket Dance manages to balance things well since it has such a diverse cast to work with and can massage the situation out for awhile without it really being too forced. Though as you can tell from the new opening sequence here, the cast of women has definitely grown in the past sixty-five episodes.  Read More... 


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