Sket Dance Episode #68 Anime Review

While there aren’t many adults in the show, which does get to be a problem at times, when we do have them involved it gets to be a lot of fun. What also helps is that things start to get expanded with them a bit in a way that makes you like them all the more, though there is some mildly amusing creepy factor to it as well. What we learn at the start here, which is surprising to me since I don’t remember it before, is that Chuu-san has a young daughter named Suzu. And Suzu has taken a real liking to Onee-san as she gets her to do a lot of things with her. And Onee-san has feelings for Chuu-san, but it’s unrequited and unknown at the moment for him since he’s the typical oblivious male. Seeing the small but honest way that she’s in love with him is great and Suzu is completely behind it and understands where Onee-san is coming from. She even says plainly that she’d like her to be her new mom. One young and hot mom, that is. Read More... 


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