Hunter X Hunter Episode #10 Anime Review

While we almost had a look at a member of the Phantom Troupe from Kurapika’s fight as his opponent had faked being one with the tattoo, the whole thing ended quickly overall. What it did give us was a look at how intense Kurapika can be when he’s got an opponent he wants to tke out. While his main desire is to deal with the Phantom Troupe that haunts his background, he’ll do what needs to be done anyone that gets in the way of it. At least to a point, as we learn here, as it turns out that Majitani wasn’t taken out properly as he’s just unconscious. Which means the match continues until he either wakes up and concedes or Kurapika gets out there and does what needs to be done. And doing that just goes against his way of doing things. Read More... 


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