Hunter X Hunter Episode #12 Anime Review

Ah, the fun of the penalty box. With fifty hours sacrificed where they basically have to kill time, we get to see other applicants making their way down in short order after Hisoka and a couple of others, adding some interesting characters to the mix that have survived the hurdles. While Gon and his group idle out, the rest idle down there since they can’t exit the Trick Tower until it’s all done. The place is a pretty good part of the test for getting rid of a lot of applicants that are still holding on at this point and the penalty will definitely make things much more difficult for them. Of course, spending all that time with Tonpa could be a real issue as well since he’s so precisely critical about how events went down so far that someone, like Leorio, will likely beat the snot out of him given the ridge nudge. Read More... 


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