Hunter X Hunter Episode #22 Anime Review

Hunter x Hunter finished out the Exam phase of the series well in the previous episode with some tension and then a look at what’s involved with being a Hunter to some degree. There’s a lot more to it than explored there, but it offered some of the basics and the importance of their license itself. It also went and reaffirmed the bonds of the three that passed with Gon, Kurapika and Leorio as they’ve decided to go find where Killua lives and figure out how to get back with him. That has them going to Kukuroo Mountain where his assassin family has their massive residence that they operate out of. The journey there is fairly quick all told, but it shows some really neat beauty to the area and its residence as well as a good sense of fun and discovery from the trio as they move along, something that I don’t think was really captured well in the previous series. Read More... 


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