Hunter X Hunter Episode #26 Anime Review

Much as we saw at the end of the first "season" of the series, Hunter x Hunter opted to do the whole letter to home thing wherein Gon writes to his Aunt Mito back on Whale Island. The use of this kind of framing for a flashback episode is definitely decent and it works better than just dropping us into a series of flashback scenes. Giving it some sort of context allows the flashback to "fit" within continuity, not that it assuages the fans who have been faithfully watching the series to date. It’s essentially an off-week for them since it’s something that’s already been watched and lived through, though a good recap episode can provide some good context for it. At least here we get a look bookend material to it with Mito getting the letter and Gon doing some of the minor voiceover narration for it to tie it together. Read More... 


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