Hunter X Hunter Episode #27 Anime Review

After a fun adventure that finally separated us from the Exam and changed the group dynamic by removing Killua for awhile, the series provided a brief recap of some of the Exam events and now lands us here. Here is definitely an interesting place because once again the dynamic is changed. Rather than put Killua together with the trio that came to get him, it instead shifts to Gon and Killua together going off to achieve their own goals for a bit so they can all regroup in a year or something and then deal with Gon’s larger and more "immediate" goal of dealing with Hisoka. In order to deal with him, he needs to train though and to make some money in the short term. Which takes them to a place where they get to fight going up some several hundred floors in a building where each floor is a new achievement and brings on the better and tougher opponents. Read More... 


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