Hunter X Hunter Episode #38 Anime Review

Gon’s discovery of the device from his father has opened up a whole new world for him in relation to the man he really doesn’t know. With Killua at his side, he’s able to hare in that discovery as he hears his fathers voice for the first time and realizes that he could only have done it if he had become a Hunter and learned Nen an dall tha tit involves. The tape inside is basically an invitation to come find him, which will be fraught with its own dangers and challenges, but there’s something to be said for it. With what little we know of the family past, the loss of his mother and how it may have impacted Ging, there’s no way that Gon would decline such an invitation. It’s something that speaks directly to who he is and it’s amusing and interesting to hear his father’s dialogue about how he doesn’t want to see him for expected reasons. It sets an interesting relationship to be had between the two, even if it’s years before they meet, if ever. Read More... 


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